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Cute but Strong Pokemons to Appear in PokeWars

Are you interested in Pokemon? It is not exaggerating if PokeWars is one of the games to play. The game lets you be a professional Pokemon trainer. Before starting to join the game, it is better to have some views regarding the characters appeared in PokeWars. They should be familiar enough if you are following the series. But to let you know more about their powers and weapons, you can take a look at the list below, Cute but Strong Pokemons.


This Pokemon must be familiar to all of us. The main characteristic is the tail with the flame of fire.  However, the way he uses his power is not by using the tail. It is his mouth that can spout the fire. The fire is strong enough to burn and even defeat his opponent. But although the power seems to be really strong, the fire is also his weakness. Once he spouts the fire, he is getting weakened. The energy is reduced drastically. So, if you are finding this Pokemon in the PokeWars quest, you need to train him well at


Psyduck is popular enough as he is the Pokemon pet of Misty, one of the main characters in the series. He even appears in the movie with all of his cuteness. If you see this Pokemon duck appearance, well, he looks a little bit dull and stupid. Moreover, it is due to its habit to grab his big head with his hands. Just like Charmander, the Psyduck’s strength is his weakness. So, his power is formed by releasing his stress

Psyduck  Cute but Strong Pokemons to Appear in PokeWars


Next, there is Bulbasaur. The Pokemon is likely a mix of hippopotamus and turtle but in a mini size. This creature is included in the category of grass and poison. Just like other Pokemons mentioned above, this one is still cute. But although Bulbasaur is super cute, you should not underestimate his power and ability. He has popular attacks you can use to defeat the opponents in PokeWars. The attacks are namely Vine Wipe and Razor Leaf.

Bulbasaur  Cute but Strong Pokemons to Appear in PokeWars


Jigglypuff is the next cute Pokemon with a super mini size. It is under the category of fairy Pokemon. The shape is simple actually; it is a fluffy ball in pink with a bang on her forehead. But you can see also that she carries her microphone anytime and anywhere. Yes, her power is singing. When she sings, all people and Pokemon are sleeping. You can train this Pokemon at the right time. Then, manage others so that they will not sleep and then defeat your enemy.

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4 Facts of PokeWars, a Game for Pokemon Trainers

Pokemon is also adapted in many games, online and offline. One of them is PokeWars that is played on a browser. This game gives you an environment like in the Pokemon universe. Meanwhile, the purpose of the game is giving you a role as a Pokemon trainer. Sure, you can choose one of the Pokemons available and then train them. There is a quest in which you can meet and fight with other Pokemons. So, are you interested in this game? Make sure to know some fun facts below.

Tactic and Strategy Exploration

Since it is a kind of online games, there are many other players out there who join it. In other words, your Pokemon characters are fighting with other Pokemons, played by their trainers. There must be many great strategies made by those trainers. You should not be surprised if even the weak Pokemon can be performed very well and even defeat the stronger one. Well, there is a key; the strategy made by trainers.


Sure, it is a chance for you to explore your strategies also As it has been mentioned above, you need to know and learn about your Pokemon’s power and how to utilize well. In the fighting, it is also a chance for you to learn about your opponent’s strategy. Then, it can be used for the next fight.

Interesting Quest

The game is mainly about fighting indeed. However, there are still many things you can enjoy in PokeWars. One of them is the quest set up by Professor Oak. You need to join the quest well. There are many things to find including a new Pokemon character and even item to upgrade their strength. So, if you want to have more chances in winning the battle, you must join the quest.


Upgrade Your Items and Weapons

You may start your game by being a premium player. Although it is not bad, someday, you need to upgrade yourself. Sure, other players must spend their time and money to be professional trainers in PokeWars. You should be one of them anyway.

Being Played by Many People in the World

For Pokemon lovers, this game must be played. Okay, there are similar games about Pokemon for sure. One of them is the famous Pokemon Go. But if you want to feel a sensation of being a Pokemon trainer and see your trainees fight, it is definitely PokeWars. It is reasonable if thousands of Pokemon lovers visit this game every day.

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Meet the Legendary Creation Trio in Pokemon and PokeWars

PokeWars is an ultimate browser game if you want to feel the sensation of being a Pokemon trainer. You can choose your favorite at the beginning of the game and then train him or her. Later, you can let your Pokemon join a battle. Many strategies and tricks must be made and then applied. There are some iconic characters in Pokemon. Some of them are included in a trio pokemon namely Creation Trio. Sure, you can meet them in PokeWars.


Dialga is known as one of the most legendary Pokemon. He has the dragon or iron type Dialga is one of the Creation Trio members that were born from Arceus eggs. Similar to other dragon-type Pokemon, Dialga is able to use different elemental attacks. Therefore, the strength is not so much different from the creator, Arceus.

Dialga Trio in Pokemon

Aside from the elemental attack feature it has, Dialga is also a Pokemon that can control time. Of course, it makes the opponent’s find it more difficult to defeat him. He can also learn about Aura Sphere easily. There are almost no Pokemons who can do it.


Along with Dialga, Giratina is one of the Creation Trio that is created to make antimatter. This Pokemon is infamous for his super-aggressive characteristic. It is although this characteristic tends to be disadvantageous for himself. For example, Arceus decided to send him to Distortion World to live there forever.

Giratina  Trio in Pokemon

In PokeWars, Giratina can be found around. Yes, he is not in jail. Sure, he can use his strength and power freely as well. There are some featured powers owned by this Pokemon. One of them is Shadow Force that makes his attack cannot be easily failed. This power can even penetrate protection layers that have been made by the opponent.


The last member of Creation Trio is Palkia. Arceus asked him to create a room. It sounds simple indeed but it also proves that he is really powerful. Sure, the room he makes enables himself to move from one dimension to another. He is a kind of water and dragon Pokemon, seen from the shape for sure.

Palkia Trio in Pokemon

There is a legend about this creature. It is that Palkia and Dialga should not meet with each other. Once their dimensions are crashed into each other, there will be a battle between them. In PokeWars, sure, it is really fun to see both characters on the battlefield. Unfortunately, this chance is quite rare.

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The Strongest Pokemon Characters to See in PokeWars

Have you ever dreamt about being a Pokemon trainer? Well, if you are really a Pokemon lover, this absurd dream must sometimes come to your mind. Unfortunately, we live in the real world in which such things will never happen, unless you are playing PokeWars.  Strongest Pokemon Characters

Characters of Pokemon in PokeWars are not different from them in the series and movies. Even the powers and abilities are also basically the same. So, before starting to play the game, it is better to gain information at about them. There are also some Pokemon characters, known to be the strongest ones. If you get one of them, you are lucky anyway. Out of so many Pokemon characters, here are the legends aside from Pikachu for sure.


Arceus is the first Pokemon as well as the creator of the Pokemon world itself. Sure, it makes him really strong and cannot be easily defeated. Moreover, this character is known to have a multitype strength. It is a kind of exclusive strength that is not owned by any other Pokemon in the world. The strength enables Arceus to change his form based on the plate he holds.

Strongest Pokemon Characters
Strongest Pokemon Characters

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to meet Arceus in PokeWars. This character is mentioned in the list but you will not easily see and even own it. Further information about the Arceus’ plate is as follows. If he uses Flame Plate, it makes him turn into the fire-type Pokemon. Meanwhile, he can also transform himself as the water type when he uses Splash Plate.


Mewtwo appears in many episodes of Pokemon. He even appears in the Pokemon: Detective Pikachu movie, signing that this character is really popular. He is even known as the most popular villain in the Pikachu world.


Uniquely, Mewtwo is different from others. He is the only Pokemon who was not created from Arceus but human. He was made from DNA Mew with a purpose to make him the strongest Pokemon in the world. More than that, he is really aggressive also.

The Mew DNA is said to have almost all genetic components of Pokemon. It enables Mewtwo to learn about all abilities, strengths and movements of other Pokemons. He also has a psychological ability; it is telepathy. This character can simply communicate with a human and translate the Pokemon’s language. Not to forget, Mewtwo is also gifted with telekinesis ability and delete others’ memory. With all the things he has, it is reasonable that this Pokemon is really difficult to defeat, in the series, movies, and PokeWars for sure.

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Strategies to Do in Playing PokeWars

Pokemon has so many fans all around the world. Many of them even dream about being a Pokemon trainer for real. To realize their dreams, there is PokeWars anyway. PokeWars is a game that enables you to be a trainer and train your Pokemon. You will meet other players all around the world and show your tactics. Playing PokeWars

However, playing this game is not as easy as it seems. There are many strategies you need to conduct. Even those strategies should be created by yourself learning from Meanwhile, some of them are common knowledge for PokeWars players. What are they?

Playing PokeWars
Playing PokeWars

Optimize the Use of Free Items

Okay, you are recommended to buy the paid items anyway. However, in case you have bought them, you should not ignore the old and free items you have collected before. You should still use them very well. Make sure to optimize the utilization of items to win the game. Particularly if you think you are about to face a really strong enemy, all items and weapons must be prepared well whether they are paid or not.

Destroy Others’ Pokeball

Pokeball is not only a home for Pokemon. It is a place how the creatures are spawned and alive. That’s why; one of the tricks you must do is destroying other players’ Pokeball. When other players cannot simply spawn their Pokemon, you will have more chances to win.

Playing PokeWars
Playing PokeWars

While destroying others, don’t forget to protect your own. Maybe, other players have the same trick also. It is destroying your Pokeball before you have a chance to spawn the Pokemon. There are many ways to defend Pokeballs for sure. One of them is placing them in a safe place that cannot be simply attacked by your opponents.

Try to Play Fast

Whatever the game you play, the key point is moving your mouse fast. Besides, you also need to respond to anything around faster. No matter how many weapons you have, if you cannot control yourself well, you can be simply defeated. Well, this thing cannot be achieved instantly anyway. You need to practice more to be the sole winner of PokeWars.

To support your performance in PokeWars and many other games, it is better to buy a special mouse for gaming. It is also a good idea to consider buying a joystick and the likes. Make sure that the joystick is compatible with various games including PokeWars. How is if your money is limited? Well, it is time to save up your income for this.