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Top 3 Best Pokemon Abilities That You Don’t Know About

Top 3 Best Pokemon Abilities That You Don’t Know About. Are you sure that you know all of the best pokemon abilities that you can find? Pokemon is one of the best and most legendary games that you can play. It is a classic game that manages to steal the hearts of so many people. This game is filled with many interesting pokemon that everyone loves. That is why it is so great.

If you are a pokemon fan, then you probably know that every pokemon has its unique ability. Although every ability is unique and interesting, you can say that you can find several abilities that are quite better than others. Well, here is the list of the top 3 abilities in pokemon that you might not know about. Find out if your favorite pokemon makes the list.

Huge Power

Are you familiar with Mega Mawile? Well, you probably should be. Simply because this pokemon has one of the best abilities that you can find in the pokemon world. Yep, you guessed it. Huge Power is the first ability that we think deserves attention.

Huge Power is the ability that allows Mega Mawile to double its attack. And what more could you ask for in an ability? This ability might not be that impressive if Mega Mawile does not have a high base attack, to begin with. However, this pokemon has a base attack of 210. You can only imagine how much damage this pokemon can do with this ability.

Top 3 Best Pokemon
Top 3 Best Pokemon


Another one of the best pokemon abilities is Protean. This ability is owned by the one and only Froakie. You might know Froakie from being a laughable meme. However, everyone stopped laughing once they see what this pokemon can do.

Protean is the ability to change the typing of the pokemon. This allows the pokemon to change the type to the type of move that it is going to use. You can only imagine how powerful that makes Froakie be. That is why you should never underestimate anyone.

Top 3 Best Pokemon
Top 3 Best Pokemon


The last pokemon ability that will blow your mind is Intimidate. If you are an experienced pokemon player, then you probably know about this ability. It might sound like a petty little thing. However, it does a lot of good things for you.

Intimidate allows you to reduce the Attack of your enemy. This will help you when you are fighting an enemy with quite a high attack stat. Although it sounds insignificant, this ability can be a lifesaver in the game. That is why it is considered as a very amazing ability that will never disappoint you.

Before you use this ability on your enemy, you should remember a couple of things. Intimidate can be risky if you are using is on a pokemon with Defiant and Competitive. This is because they can advantage the drop on the Attack stat by using boosts. This can quickly turn the tables around. But overall, Intimidate is one of the most amazing pokemon abilities that will surely help you win a lot of fights.

Top 3 Best Pokemon
Top 3 Best Pokemon