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The Importance of Having Strategies in PokeWars

For Pokemon lovers, PokeWars must be one of the games you need to play. Indeed, the popularity is probably still below other games like Pokemon Go. But if you are interested to play the Pokemon game in your browser, this one is definitely recommended. So, what is PokeWars all about? The Importance of Having Strategies […]

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Cute but Strong Pokemons to Appear in PokeWars

Are you interested in Pokemon? It is not exaggerating if PokeWars is one of the games to play. The game lets you be a professional Pokemon trainer. Before starting to join the game, it is better to have some views regarding the characters appeared in PokeWars. They should be familiar enough if you are following […]

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4 Facts of PokeWars, a Game for Pokemon Trainers

Pokemon is also adapted in many games, online and offline. One of them is PokeWars that is played on a browser. This game gives you an environment like in the Pokemon universe. Meanwhile, the purpose of the game is giving you a role as a Pokemon trainer. Sure, you can choose one of the Pokemons […]

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Meet the Legendary Creation Trio in Pokemon and PokeWars

PokeWars is an ultimate browser game if you want to feel the sensation of being a Pokemon trainer. You can choose your favorite at the beginning of the game and then train him or her. Later, you can let your Pokemon join a battle. Many strategies and tricks must be made and then applied. There […]

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The Strongest Pokemon Characters to See in PokeWars

Have you ever dreamt about being a Pokemon trainer? Well, if you are really a Pokemon lover, this absurd dream must sometimes come to your mind. Unfortunately, we live in the real world in which such things will never happen, unless you are playing PokeWars.  Strongest Pokemon Characters Characters of Pokemon in PokeWars are not […]

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