PokeWars, what the game is about?

Pokemon is probably one of the most famous characters from Anime in the world. There are many reasons to say such a thing. Aside from the series have been broadcasted by many TV stations in the world, Hollywood even adapted it into a movie. Great Fighting Game

Out of many Pokemon games available outside, PokeWars is definitely the most favorite one. It is although the game display still looks old. However, it doesn’t lessen the fact that this game is really fun and enjoyable. So, what is actually about?

Great Fighting Game
Great Fighting Game

Being a Pokemon Trainer

PokeWars provide you a place or environment to be a complete Pokemon trainer. There is an island where you take care of your Pokemon pets. On the island also, your Pokemon have a chance to improve and upgrade their abilities and powers. Make sure to take advantage of the training session. Therefore, your Pokemon can just be really powerful on the battlefield.

Even when the fight has begun, you can still guide your Pokemon to be the winner. You need to learn about your Pokemon well before it is started. Besides, it is also important to choose the right Pokemon in which you are sure you can handle it well. For those reasons, it is just you are really entering the world of Pokemon.

The characters are still the same

If you have followed the series, it is actually not difficult to master and pass through all the challenges of the game. Yes, it is because of the characters that are still the same. Okay, some of the Pokemon may be a little bit different, particularly in terms of power but they are not too visible. That’s why it is important to know all things about Pokemon before starting the game. Your chances of winning are higher also.

Great Fighting Game
Great Fighting Game

A Great Fighting Game

Pokemon world is indeed dominated by cute characters. Well, it is even simply seen from the protagonist and the icon; Pikachu. Not to forget, there are Psyduck, Bulbasaur, and still may more. However, aside from being cute, they are basically really good fighters. That’s why; even in the movies and series, there are great fighting scenes among the characters.

It seems not complete anyway if there is a Pokemon game that doesn’t explore the fight. So, PokeWars is the best place for it. There are arena and battlefields where your characters can fight for each other. Fighting is even the main purpose of this game.

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