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Cute but Strong Pokemons to Appear in PokeWars

Are you interested in Pokemon? It is not exaggerating if PokeWars is one of the games to play. The game lets you be a professional Pokemon trainer. Before starting to join the game, it is better to have some views regarding the characters appeared in PokeWars. They should be familiar enough if you are following the series. But to let you know more about their powers and weapons, you can take a look at the list below, Cute but Strong Pokemons.


This Pokemon must be familiar to all of us. The main characteristic is the tail with the flame of fire.  However, the way he uses his power is not by using the tail. It is his mouth that can spout the fire. The fire is strong enough to burn and even defeat his opponent. But although the power seems to be really strong, the fire is also his weakness. Once he spouts the fire, he is getting weakened. The energy is reduced drastically. So, if you are finding this Pokemon in the PokeWars quest, you need to train him well at


Psyduck is popular enough as he is the Pokemon pet of Misty, one of the main characters in the series. He even appears in the movie with all of his cuteness. If you see this Pokemon duck appearance, well, he looks a little bit dull and stupid. Moreover, it is due to its habit to grab his big head with his hands. Just like Charmander, the Psyduck’s strength is his weakness. So, his power is formed by releasing his stress

Psyduck  Cute but Strong Pokemons to Appear in PokeWars


Next, there is Bulbasaur. The Pokemon is likely a mix of hippopotamus and turtle but in a mini size. This creature is included in the category of grass and poison. Just like other Pokemons mentioned above, this one is still cute. But although Bulbasaur is super cute, you should not underestimate his power and ability. He has popular attacks you can use to defeat the opponents in PokeWars. The attacks are namely Vine Wipe and Razor Leaf.

Bulbasaur  Cute but Strong Pokemons to Appear in PokeWars


Jigglypuff is the next cute Pokemon with a super mini size. It is under the category of fairy Pokemon. The shape is simple actually; it is a fluffy ball in pink with a bang on her forehead. But you can see also that she carries her microphone anytime and anywhere. Yes, her power is singing. When she sings, all people and Pokemon are sleeping. You can train this Pokemon at the right time. Then, manage others so that they will not sleep and then defeat your enemy.