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Strategies to Do in Playing PokeWars

Pokemon has so many fans all around the world. Many of them even dream about being a Pokemon trainer for real. To realize their dreams, there is PokeWars anyway. PokeWars is a game that enables you to be a trainer and train your Pokemon. You will meet other players all around the world and show your tactics. Playing PokeWars

However, playing this game is not as easy as it seems. There are many strategies you need to conduct. Even those strategies should be created by yourself learning from Meanwhile, some of them are common knowledge for PokeWars players. What are they?

Playing PokeWars
Playing PokeWars

Optimize the Use of Free Items

Okay, you are recommended to buy the paid items anyway. However, in case you have bought them, you should not ignore the old and free items you have collected before. You should still use them very well. Make sure to optimize the utilization of items to win the game. Particularly if you think you are about to face a really strong enemy, all items and weapons must be prepared well whether they are paid or not.

Destroy Others’ Pokeball

Pokeball is not only a home for Pokemon. It is a place how the creatures are spawned and alive. That’s why; one of the tricks you must do is destroying other players’ Pokeball. When other players cannot simply spawn their Pokemon, you will have more chances to win.

Playing PokeWars
Playing PokeWars

While destroying others, don’t forget to protect your own. Maybe, other players have the same trick also. It is destroying your Pokeball before you have a chance to spawn the Pokemon. There are many ways to defend Pokeballs for sure. One of them is placing them in a safe place that cannot be simply attacked by your opponents.

Try to Play Fast

Whatever the game you play, the key point is moving your mouse fast. Besides, you also need to respond to anything around faster. No matter how many weapons you have, if you cannot control yourself well, you can be simply defeated. Well, this thing cannot be achieved instantly anyway. You need to practice more to be the sole winner of PokeWars.

To support your performance in PokeWars and many other games, it is better to buy a special mouse for gaming. It is also a good idea to consider buying a joystick and the likes. Make sure that the joystick is compatible with various games including PokeWars. How is if your money is limited? Well, it is time to save up your income for this.