The Strongest Pokemon of All Time

The Strongest Pokemon of All Time. People love the cute Pokemon and many cute Pokemons can be found easily in the Pokemon world. Nevertheless, Pokemon must be strong as well to win the battle. From many strong Pokemons, here are some of the most powerful Pokemons that have ever existed. Some of them are considered the god of Pokemon but some others are not the god type as well.


One of the strongest Pokemon must be Arceus. The reason for this Pokemon to have this throne is because it is the very first Pokemon ever to exist in the Pokemon world. He might be the last Pokemon that exists as well. He can be considered as the god of Pokemon.

Dialga and Palkia

Dialga and Palkia are the firstborns of Arceus along with another Pokemon named Giratina. There is no doubt that they are considered the strongest Pokemon as well. They are the lords of time and space. Since they have functions to manage the whole universe of Pokemon, they must be very strong. Compared to Dialga and Palkia, Giratina is too unstable so it cannot be included in the list.

The Strongest Pokemon
The Strongest Pokemon


Well, because of the unstable power, Giratina must be placed at the third place of the strongest Pokemon list. Giratina is the lord of antimatter. This Pokemon has the role to control antimatter as well as the Distortion World. The Distortion World is the place where he was banished due to his unstable power.

Mega Rayquaza

Mega Rayquaza is the Lord of the Sky. That is why this Pokemon must be considered one of the strongest Pokemon that has ever existed just like any other lords in the Pokemon world. This Pokemon can be used for stopping the fights between the Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon that are two strong Pokemons as well. Because of this, Mega Rayquaza looks cool. Because he can control Kyogre and Groudon, it means that Mega Rayquaza has the power level that is equal to both Pokemons.

The Strongest Pokemon
The Strongest Pokemon

Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon

Both are part of the Pokemon gods. Kyogre created the sea because he is the lord of water. Groudon created the earth because he is the lord of the land. Because of those creations, there is no doubt that both pokemon are very strong. They become much stronger when they are in their primal forms.

Mega Mewtwo X and Y

Although several gods in the Pokemon world are considered strong, it does not mean that there are no strong Pokemon from the non-god group. Some Pokemons are made to be the best Pokemon and it must be Mega Mewtwo X and Y. People cannot deny that Mewtwo is made to be the best Pokemon and it is getting much stronger in its Mega form. This Pokemon is an MVP of the regular Pokemon although it is not the legendary type.

The Strongest Pokemon
The Strongest Pokemon

Ultra Necrozma

Why must Ultra Necrozma be included in the list of the most powerful Pokemon? It can be considered as the combination of the legendary Pokemons. It can take control of the Legendary Pokemon Solgaleo and Lunala. More importantly, it can also fuse with both Pokemons.



The Strongest Trainers in the Pokemon World

Pokemon League is not only about the Pokemon. It might be true that the winning chance is bigger when the Pokemon is strong. Nevertheless, the trainers also play important roles in winning the battle. The trainer must be strong to be able to train strong Pokemon. Some trainers are included in the list of the most powerful Pokemon trainers after all.

The Protagonist

There are several color-based trainers when playing the Pokemon game, but Red and Blue might be considered the most defined character among other color-based trainers. The remaining color based trainers beside Red and Blue can be considered as the protagonist of the game. It means that the protagonist will be the star in the game or manga story. Of course, in each game, the protagonist will always end as the most powerful trainer. They have to endure several steps to collect eight gym kiu kiu online badges and defeat the Elite Four and the League Champion. There is no doubt that the protagonist must be the most powerful trainer within the Pokemon game.


Red must be mentioned often as a Pokemon trainer. Defeats the Elite Fours and also Blue that becomes the lifelong rival of Red. That is why Red becomes the champion of the Indigo League. According to the Pokemon Origins anime, all of the original Pokemon that are 150 are collected by Red. Mewtwo that is the creation with psychic type can also be collected by Red. Red steps down from the league champion position and trains at Mount Silver to become a boss.


N is one interesting character that can be found in Pokemon Black and Pokemon White versions.  Might be considered as an antagonist in those game series but he is not the actual villain. He might initiate the rebel along with his group. However, the rebel has the purpose to end the battle in the Pokemon world that is considered as the cruel act to Pokemon.  trained some of the most powerful and legendary Pokemon in the world. Can even defeat the previous champion of the Unova League named Alder. This makes  as one of the most powerful trainers in the Pokemon world.


Lance was named as one of the top trainers in the Pokemon world before Blue and Red appeared. The domination can be seen from his beasts with dragon type until the crown of the best Pokemon trainer was taken by some talented kids.  After being defeated by young Pokemon trainers, Lance moved to the Johto region since he is no longer the Indigo League Elite Four. In the new place, he gets new creatures to train for battle and he becomes the champion of Johto Pokemon League.


The original Pokemon franchise cannot be separated from Blue that is one of the most talented trainers in the Kanto region. In the anime and manga, it seems that Blue can always be one step ahead of that becomes his rival. Both become rivals once they get the starter Pokemon at the same time from Prof Samuel Oak.

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3 Important Things to Know to Win in PokeWars

There are many games with Pokemon with the main theme. One of them is PokeWars that is especially played in the browser. The game basically adapts the nature of Pokemon stories. If you are watching the series, you can find that Pokemon is basically about a group of Pokemon trainers who train and guide their “students” on the battlefield. 3 Important Things to Know to Win in PokeWars

Just like other players, you must want to win the game. Unfortunately, it is not easy mainly by remembering how strong your opponents are. But you should not worry; there are some tips to follow to improve your winning chances. What are they?

Win in PokeWars
Win in PokeWars

Choosing the Right Pokemon

It is known that all Pokemon characters are made with their own benefits and lacks. Therefore, there is actually no Pokemon that is completely stronger than others. Moreover, in the game, the developer seems to make all the characters equal to provide a fair play for sure.

So, why are you suggested to choose the right Pokemon? Although all Pokemons are good, you must choose one of them that are really good for you. In other words, you must know how to manage his or strength well to win the game. Make sure also to choose one whom you can train them very easily.

Upgrade Your Island

In PokeWars, you can have an island where your Pokemons are trained. Sure, it is also a resource of the strengths and abilities owned by your Pokemon. When the island is in a right and ultimate condition, of course, killing the enemy is getting easier. So, when you have enough money to do it, you need to upgrade your island.

Win in PokeWars
Win in PokeWars

There are many benefits of upgrading the island in PokeWars anyway. Aside from finding your Pokemon stronger and more capable of killing others, it is much easier for you to train them using features given.

Buy Items in the Shop

Many players are too lazy to buy items in the shop. The reason is clear; they just don’t want to spend much money only for the game. It is indeed not recommended for you to buy items when your money is limited. But in case you have, it is definitely not wrong to buy them. Your chances to win are getting bigger for sure.

There are many greater items with more powerful strong that can only be collected by buying. Of course, the free ones may not defeat them. Moreover, it is by remembering that the fellow players or opponents in PokeWars mostly have paid items.