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The Importance of Having Strategies in PokeWars

For Pokemon lovers, PokeWars must be one of the games you need to play. Indeed, the popularity is probably still below other games like Pokemon Go. But if you are interested to play the Pokemon game in your browser, this one is definitely recommended. So, what is PokeWars all about? The Importance of Having Strategies in PokeWars


In PokeWars, you are taking a role as a Pokemon trainer. Just like the main characters in the series, your duty is to train your Pokemon and then bring them to the battlefield. All the Pokemons have their powers and weapons. This is something that you should optimize. Besides, it is also about implementing strategies and tactics well so that your own can win the game. As you know, some Pokemon characters look weak. However, if you train them well, they can even be the strongest Pokemon in the world.

Strategies in PokeWars
Strategies in PokeWars

For example, you want to train Pikachu. Well, it seems not complete to talk about Pokemon without mentioning Pikachu. Even if it is the main character and protagonist of the movies, series, and of course, the game. You must have known this character well. It is a mouse-like Pokemon in yellow with red round blushes in his cheek. The tail is unique and there is no other in the world. It is in the form of lightning bolt. The tail is to represent the main power of Pikachu itself. The pet releases electric shortcut.

Ability of Pikachu

The ability of Pikachu cannot be said very special. Yes, he is strong but still mediocre compared with other Pokemons. Aside from optimizing his electric powers, you also need to take a look at what Pokemon as his opponent on the battlefield. Pikachu often needs to use his power more when he faces other Pokemon with a similar power like Charmander. Meanwhile, although he may be simply relaxed when facing a water-type Pokemon, you should still be aware of the strategy used by the trainer.

Strategies in PokeWars
Strategies in PokeWars

Finally, your experience is still really important in the world of PokeWars. The more you play, you will get better from time to time. Not to forget, you can also ask and share your experiences with fellow players. Many of them can simply give you some tips and tricks. If you have more time, you can even join the group discussions and forums. Mostly, they are Pokemon lovers like you. So, what are you waiting for? To meet Pikachu and his friends and then train them, play the game now.

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